A coach is a personal trainer who helps the person who requests it by motivating and teaching practical strategies so that, in a systematic and supervised way, the assisted person achieves his / her personal goals. With the online coaching concept we refer to sessions by phone, via chat and / or webcam and email.

In the coaching program you work with the problems of daily life such as organization at home, workplace or school, learning the efficient use of money, developing social skills, identifying resources, time management, support and follow up for completing tasks and motivating honestly.

Internet coaching is a way to put new technologies at the service of people in a comfortable and effective way and with very good results.

The advantages of online coaching are, among others:

Flexibility – if you have little time you do not have to commute from your home or work to attend the sessions, causing more stress.

It is available to people who do not have this service from experts in the field in your area or people who have to travel a lot.

Not being face-to-face with the coach can foster confidentiality and self-disclosure.

Another benefit is the lower cost compared to conventional treatments.


How does it work?

The program consists of exercises that your coach sends you and that you do from your home, as well as sessions with your coach through Skype, telephone or via email. With your coach, the goals and results of the exercises are defined and analyzed.

If you are interested in the program contact us by email, without any commitment. You present the problem or the situation that concerns you and you will get a personalized and concrete response from your coach. If you prefer that we call you, include your phone number (including the country code). The first counseling response is FREE, and gives you a first orientation on the problem and how to treat it.

Life Coaching Online – Training Self Esteem and Achieving Goals


The life coaching training program helps you develop greater personal effectiveness and achieve your goals.

Our way of thinking profoundly influences our way of feeling and acting. So learning to think in a different way can make us feel and act in a different way. Based on the latest coaching methods and the cognitive-behavioral model, this online training program teaches you to tackle negative and counterproductive thoughts and replace them with an attitude oriented towards problem solving and goal achievement.

It gives you tools to deal with emotional disturbances, develop self-assertion, practice effective communication, deal with criticism in a constructive way, and develop a change in plan according to what is important to you.

If you are interested in coaching contact us for a first session, free of charge.


Month 1    Personal Growth– Turn yourself into the person you really want to be by engaging in a strategy of life, knowledge and self improvement tools (which,  in particular, also places you at the top of your industry)

Month 2    Goals and Objectives– Achieve a sense of purpose behind each action, as well as multiplying your long-term success by having your goals well defined and clear for the next 10 years.

Month 3    Health- Spiritual/Physical/Emotional – Improve your image, confidence, energy, quality and length of life by having a consistent philosophy and maintaining a health plan.

Month 4    Money– Financial Independence / Debt Relief / Savings / Charity – Put yourself in front of 85% of people and increase your odds of financial independence by 90% for your retirement age, simply by having a financial philosophy and investment plan.

Month 5    Relationships–Improve your ability to be a best friend, parent and member of society.

Month 6    Time and Priority Management – Earn 10-15 weeks of additional time per year (multiply one to two hours per day for 365 days per year) using the most successful time management methods.

Month 7    Use your references – Touch one of the greatest resources that we have and that has a bigger positive influence in the Market that is the use of your relationships and your contact base of referrals.

Month 8    Sales/Negotiation – Increase your production from 10 to 50% without investing more time or effort than improving your sales techniques, your references and negotiation techniques.

Month 9    Communication/Presentation – Increase each level of performance related to you or your company, or staff, as well as personal relationships, mastering the art of communication.

Month 10    Leadership – Multiply your efforts and have a positive influence on a larger number of people by learning effective leadership and management skills.

Month 11    Accelerated Learning – Quickly improve your skills and abilities to gain and retain knowledge in any area (communication, time management, leadership, etc.) through memory, fast reading and more.

Month 12    Legacy/Contribution – Take time to apply your skills and make a difference in your community and your world; Something that will have an impact on future generations.